Why do Bail Bonds Work?

There is a lot of confusion regarding what bail bonds actually are and how they work. Many people post bail bonds but don’t fully understand the core meaning behind them, as they simply want to get out of a difficult situation quickly and get their loved ones out of jail.

So, what is it that makes bail bonds work? Why do people post them when they can simply pay a bail in cash and help their loved ones go home instead of leaving them in custody to wait for the court date?

Well, more often than not, it’s not actually that simple, so let’s have a look at why bail bonds really work.

You Don’t Have to Pay the Full Bail Amount 

When you have to pay bail, you have to pay the full amount. The court uses that money for court fees, fines, and other costs. But… what if you can’t afford it?

That’s where bail bonds come in.

When you post a bail bond with a bail bondsmen, you only need to pay a small fee, which is 10% in Florida. Posting bail provides the court with a surety that you will appear in court when required until the case is resolved. A bail bond is also an agreement that your bail bondsman will provide the full bond amount if you fail to appear in court, in which case you would provide the collateral you previously agreed on. 

You Can Post Bail at Any Time 

If you can’t afford the bail, you’re stuck in custody until the court date. Even if you can afford it, you may not be able to get the money right away. With a bail bond, you can contact your bail bondsman 24/7 to significantly decrease your time in jail.

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