How to Stay Informed About Current Laws & Regulations Pertaining to Bail

As a bail bondsman, you have a responsibility to stay up to date on current laws and regulations pertaining to bail. In order to operate a safe and legal practice, you’ll need to be as informed as possible. Laws and regulations change periodically, and you’ll need to stay aligned with those laws in order to ensure your practice is as ethical as possible.

At A Signature Only Bail Bonds, our expert bondsmen stay up to date on all Florida bail bonds laws and regulations. It is our mission to ensure the most ethical practice possible. Here we’ll give you a few tips on how you, as a bail bondsman, can stay informed about current laws and regulations pertaining to bail:

The Legal System and Bail Bonds

Check with Your Local Authorities

A great way to stay informed about bail is to check with your local authorities regularly. Give your local authorities a call and ask if there have been any recent changes in bail bond laws or regulations. Since the local authorities are the ones making the arrest, chances are they’re one of the first to know when any update arises. Always remember, the local authorities are here to help you.

Browse the Web for Any Updates

The internet is quite literally one of the fastest forms of communication so chances are any recent updates to bail bonds laws or regulations will be posted on authoritative sites. There are plenty of sites and blogs you can follow to stay informed on bond regulations. In Florida, Bail Laws is a great source for updated, reliable, and current bail regulations.

Head to the Library

Although we live in the digital age, physical texts are a great source for endless information about current bail bonds regulations. Head over to your local library and get reading! You’ll find a lot of valuable resources that can give you insight into the history of bail bondsman and how it has evolved into the industry it is today – crucial information to operate a fully ethical practice.

Bail Bonds and the Florida Legal System

Make Sure Your Licenses Are Up to Date

• At least be 18 years of age
• Completion of 14 hours of education every two years
• Comply with FS 648.355
• Be of good character with no crime punishable by 1 year or more
• Background check and credit report

Complete Required Education

As we recently stated, in order to be a licensed bail bondsman, you must complete a continuing education course every two years. Along with this being a required step to stay licensed, this is a great resource to stay updated on all current laws and regulations. Get the absolute most out of these courses because they are the #1 way to stay informed and ensure ethical processes.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to stay informed as a bail bonds agent. Staying informed will give you all the resources you need to ensure an ethical practice throughout the years. For more information on our ethical bail bond processes, contact A Signature Only Bail Bonds today!

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