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Do you have a family member, a close friend, or a dear colleague who is facing prison time? Until they are found guilty, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida law allows them to return to their homes after they pay a bail. In the event that this person doesn’t have enough money, A Signature Only Bail Bonds can help.

How Do Ft. Lauderdale Bail Bonds Work?

If you cannot post bail on your own in Fort Lauderdale, a bail bondsman may be the perfect solution for you. In Fort Lauderdale, a special bail bond is provided by a bail bond agent, or a bondsman, who covers a full bail amount set by a court in a case where the allegedly accused doesn’t have enough money. Just like a regular bail payment, a bail bond serves as a surety that the allegedly accused will make an appearance in court in time for their hearing.

If the allegedly accused shows up to court, the money is returned to the bail bond agent, who then receives a fee from the allegedly accused. In case that the allegedly accused doesn’t show up for their scheduled hearing, the bondsman is required to locate them in the name of the law and allowed to seek collateral from the allegedly accused.

Why Choose A Signature Only Bail Bonds in Fort Lauderdale?

Criminal accused people who need help with paying the full bail amount set by a judge are already in an unfavorable position. The last thing they need is a bail bond company that looks for its own interests instead of making the bail process easier for the allegedly accused.

A Signature Only Bail Bonds has been a leading provider of bail bonds in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area for over three decades. Because we’re in the service of helping people, we deeply empathize with our clients. We work only with bondsmen who are professional, dependable, and compassionate.

Bail Bonds for All Charges

As long as the allegedly accused shows up in court for their trial, it doesn’t matter the charge the allegedly accused is faced with. The bail bond is immediately dissolved, along with the allegedly accused’s family’s or friends’ collateral. Our friendly customer service agents will explain any specificities that may apply to your unique case.

If you have questions about how bail bonds work and what that means in your case, feel free to visit us in our A Signature Only Bail Bonds Fort Lauderdale, Florida office. We work in all zip codes across Fort Lauderdale – from 33301 to 33394. Allow us to help you during these stressful times and bring back your loved one to your family home.

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